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Artist Statement


My paintings are the exploration of the human condition revealing moments and memory in a place in time as well as contemplation and introspection. Beyond painting the likeness of a person, I use a deliberate approach to reveal the mind`s interior, the essence and the soul.  I base these paintings on black and white photos from various sources including magazines, newspapers and family photos from the 1930's


Primarily a figurative painter, recently I have begun to explore images of skies, ocean and flora. Informed by their power and dramatic hues and contrasts of light and dark, I have begun a series of paintings that reflect changeable nature, capturing both turbulant and peaceful moments in time. An emotional  juxstaposition of calm and chaos. Emerging from the darkness into the light. These paintings are created from memory, dreams, and my response to walks along the shore.

Influences include Rembrandt, Caravaggio and Turner.